«Karrier in Germany»

Since it was to be already foreseen in 1970 that the existence of the company Fischer & Porter went toward to the end and I gladly mean horizon to extend would like, I applied at the company KHD Humboldt Wedag AG to Cologne, world-wide admit myself as a manufacturer of industrial plants. Although me the German language in word and writing in the school time was taught, it was not yet the yellow of the egg. After a personal discussion with the department manager of the department of automation Dr. Breuer, I was adjusted to first July 1970. One sent me directly on the plant site with Hanover to the cement plant Teutonia where a straight production line in addition was built. In the close convenient place I have at a family in the house for my wife and mine son, who was straight only five months old, a room to rent can thereby I mean family thereby had. On this building site I should train myself and make familiar with the Roentgen fluorescence plant in the continuous raw meal stream the regulation of relative conditions of the elements SI, Ca, Fe and Al in the raw meal. On first July 1970 we pulled over to Orsberg near Erpel/Rh. into a dwelling, where we had a marvellous view of the Rhine and for my wife were it not so far away from the city Oberbieber near Neuwied where their mother lived, the no longer like that healthy it was after its car accident.

Picture above, on the Rhine with view of the dragon rock at the city Königswinter.

Picture above, of castle good rock, with view of Pfalzgrafenstein on the island in the Rhine.

In the year 1967 the acquired terraced house in the Abraham de Kuyperstrasse 8 to Zevenaar was sold and purchased with the money furniture. Since KHD in the Eifel had built with Sötenich also a cement plant had I here about the Roentgen fluorescence plant to worry, could however daily, although the distance was 75 km until Orsberg, home to drive. This plant only after one year from the customer was removed there the behaviour of the raw material characteristics complicated and the regulation of the process to it to be adjusted had. Gradually I could exercise more and more my work in the office to Cologne around new plants to plan and thus daily with the railway train to the work drive. In the year 1972 I received the opportunity at expense of the company with VDI to Duesseldorf at training for process computers part to take. In this time KHD got many orders from the whole world around cement plants and dressing plants to build. In 1974 I could participate in Munich at the company DEC at expense of the company in a training course hardware and software, also in this time I woman and child carried forward. I received the orders for planning and completion of the automatic laboratories which can be supplied for Algeria, Spanish at that time Sahara, Persia and Russia. We bought the Roentgen fluorescence plants for the laboratories with General Electric in the USA to Boston. A complete plant consisted of sampling, automatic pneumatic delivery, sample preparation and computer steered analysis plant in each case. The analysis plants analyzed the chemical composition of the products in regular time periods. The analyzed data were transmitted over a serial interface to the large computer, which gave then the placing values for the appropriate Proportion belt weighers and the automatic control loop was thus closed. With the analysis frequencies, which analyzes otherwise wet-chemically some days lasted, increased by the automation, the quality and quantity of the product were considerably increased. The sampling and dressing of the materials, those predominantly consisted of flours, represented the largest problem. Here played the refinement, dampness and temperature a large role. The raw materials consisted mainly of limestone, clay/tone, sand, gypsum, iron ore and phosphate. The knowledge which I for these orders have must were above all electro-technology, electronics, computer science, chemistry, mechanical engineering, statistics, logistics, MSR and marketing and management as well as English in word and writing. For the continuous measurement of the chemical composition in the flours a multi-channel Roentgen fluorescence measuring head one used, which we referred from the USA of GE, which became for this belonging electronics the evaluation of the results of measurement developed by me and a colleague, which was patented and for which we got a premium. In the meantime I had to bring still the task for the which are running Roentgen fluorescence plants to service achievements, thus I still came to sword and sigma rings where these plants, in this case computer (PDP 8e) steered Roentgen fluorescence of devices, for specially metal production was used. So also in the summer 1975 after Rekingen with Zurzach in Switzerland, where a super modern cement plant was built by getting the bank and after Mannersdorf in Austria at the new settlers lake. With all journeys had I mean woman and mine son thereby.

The end of 1974 we moved from Orsberg to Bruchhausen, one village with at that time 300 inhabitants and three kilometres far away, into a new house in the Kirchbergstrasse in the middle in the place over the church.Drew end of the yearly 1974 we from Orsberg to break living, one village with at that time 300 inhabitants and three kilometers far away, into a new house in the Kirchbergstrasse in the middle in the place over the church. Us this village had very fallen because it on a spacious terrace at a value of 200 meters above the Rhine Valley with singular view of the Sieben Mountains and the high Eifel offered. Beyond that it offers numerous possibilities for moving and the membership of the MGV (men singing association) and the citizen association. Besides there is number of architectural monuments, like e.g., in Bruchhausen still another the castle of the Grafen Spee, the oldest still existing building of the place from lategothical time, the former Pastorate, a half timbered house from the baroque time and some historical Billstickers and way crosses.

My mother and Jerry between flowering cherry trees in May 1976 near Bruchhausen our vilage.

Bruchhausen still its a village, rurally shaped character retained and provokes at all seasons to walks, it is in the spring for the blossoming season of the numerous strewing fruit meadows, in the summer in cool shade of the mixed woodland or in the winter in the snow e.g. to the high-altitude point eye of God or to the ski - Langlauf by forest and over open spaces. The pictorial local centre the historical parsonage and barrier travel church with it's from several for style pounding taken over construction units and a group of half timbered houses from those 17 forms And 18 Century. Above in the mixed woodland into approximately 300 meters height, in the Second World War the V2 was built - launching pads, which one can still recognize today.

View of the core of the village Bruchhausen.

Aerial photograph of the village Bruchhausen and left above in the picture the Rhine.

In the first Christian centuries the Romans will have come from the opposite castellet Remagen often over here and have to copper ore dug, particularly at the Marienberg and further up, like this still old open mining places to end 19. Century prove, moreover also the many, Roman coins found in former times in the old waste dumps prove it. With the poor and monotonous life of the village (Bruchhausen) inhabitants in the forest isolation, furthermore with compartmentalize of the place of the traffic route of the Rhine the village of Bruchhausen led long centuries a hidden life; it attaches no larger events for this time at its names. However the place already seems around 1000 - 1100 rather many and also wealthy inhabitants to have had, from this time the Maria niche chapel also probably originates (the central ship without choir of the current church is meant). The chapel will have served the church on the hill at the same time also as lock chapel for to the side the castle of the Count of Spee, built. The castle above, see in the midst of the picture before the church, had in accordance with the still existing foundations two wings, which were arranged after the church, farm buildings (purged since 1739) and barns stand still. In northwest direction of the village centre counted, see picture above, looks one on sieving - to mountains and looks, completely on the left of the mountain range on the Rhine and dragon rock at the city Königswinter, the mountain where many Dutchmen annually with the rack railway always raising.

View of the church of the village Bruchhausen.

The church of the village Bruchhausen, on picture left, with name pc. Johann Baptist is at the same time Marien pilgrimage church, had its origin already before thousand years and belonged to the ore diocese Cologne. The altar was only established in the later years, around 1450, than that was built choir to the central ship. Right in the picture, you see an old winegrower house.

A large event, very much joy had made which for me and my wife, was the day in August 1983, where I at a shooting competition, organized association from the citizen, that I could participate as a member and two weeks the conscious day ago instead of found, which citizen king had attained. The shooting competition was organized in connection with a gathering in the grill hut at the edge of forest. Starting from the day that I was selected as a king by the best shooting result, it began the preparations for the celebration (Citizen of event).

The people nominates on the front of our house before starting to Marching.

Tambour Corps in full Montour at the front set up the leader.

We had for preparation only two weeks time, which means tradition that for the day of the king two aides with husbands had to be selected, who code sign then also the preparations of the meeting. Day meeting began thereby that blowing chapel, to which Tambour Corps, which marched and swinging flags, the office holders citizens of association and many citizens with music after our house, placed themselves forwards to our house on and at the door rang around me to request my wife and our aides with husbands before the door to step over to the festival room to accompany.

The King with the Queen and aide, and a man who's swinging a flag first.

King and queen with attendants. At the neck of the king, the king chain.

Our aides were Hubert Krupp and max Adenauer with husbands. Before we applied all to the festival room, in each case by the blowing chapel, given by the Tambour Corps and by the flags swinging men a serenade , meanwhile to have our aides with husband, beer, wine and other beverages the guests serves. Meanwhile it had become twelve o'clock and time for the whole society the festival room to march. The march went through the whole village where the roadside with tags and branches of leaves was decorated. The festival room of the community centre was already full humans and in the best way prepared so that one after the march, which ended before the community centre (well), with music to occur and yard hold could. During the whole further daily responding were held, made music, by the man choir were sung and flags swivelled. The convention community mayor (Mr. Hafner) from the city Unkel had come and his speech had also held, even the minister was there. The press of different local newspapers flashed with their cameras. We had laid a eat firmly on for our aides on the table.

Picture above shows a barbecue party in the forest near Bruchhausen in summer 1982, my wife had everything organized also the celebration in the wine cellar "in Lämmlein" Unkel to which I later on the construction site in Saudi Arabia from someone from one of it at the time of the celebration was heard, told me that your wife can organize a good party. At that time none of the need for the celebration was invited to participate in the costs, now at the end of 1990 years each for the party to contribute, because of salary was always lower.

Picture above shows, floods on the Rhine in the Christmas season 1995. The admission was photographed from the Erpeler Ley with view of the city Remagen. In this time I was in vacation and had go back on 5 January 1996 again on the plant site Hofuf in Saudi Arabia.